May 8, 2009

Fire Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis

I have always been a little suspect of Bank of America since they were outed as a major supporter of apartheid in South Africa. Bank of America disappointed me in other organizations with their unwillingness to be a consistent supporter of career advancement for African Americans in the technology industry. As such, it doesn't surprise me to learn that the corporate culture is influenced by the arrogance of its leader, CEO Ken Lewis.

The following video, narrated by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, gives compelling reasons for CEO Ken Lewis to be fired.

CEO Ken Lewis works for us now. Tens of billions of our taxpayer dollars went toward bailing out Bank of America, but what have we received in return? More predatory lending, billions wasted on exorbitant salaries and executive bonuses, and corporate lobbying against Employee Free Choice. Methinks it is time for Ken Lewis to be gone.

What say u?

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