May 23, 2009

'Justice for Jamaal' is Rally Cry for Protest March on La Marque City Hall

Jamaal Valentine died Sunday night when three La Marque police officers tried to arrest him after people reporting him walking down the middle of main street and rolling in the grass on the side of the road. One of those eye witnesses said that he called police asking for medical help for Valentine who claimed he thought he was having a heart attack. The police used tasers on Valentine instead of getting him medical help.

Valentine, 27-year old father of two toddlers, died.

The good people of La Marque peacefully marched on city hall to protest this taser-related death. About 60 police brutality and anti-taser protesters spoke out against taser torture. These protestors, fearing a tainted investigation by the local district attorney's office, want the investigation conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

La Marque Mayor Geraldine Sam and Councilman Keith Bell addressed the crowd at city hall asking for patience and support of police officers during the ongoing investigation. Mayor Sam was sworn in last week as the first woman and first African American to be mayor of La Marque TX. Her leadership is being tested early!

I encourage the La Marque protestors to join with the AfroSpear in urging for congressional hearings on the rising number of taser-related deaths in America. Do any of us feel that Jamaal Valentine will be the last one?

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