May 13, 2009

New AfroSpear Member: Derrick's Window

Derrick Anthony is the newest blogger-applicant approved for membership into the AfroSpear. His blog, Derrick's Window (BBR #1166), went live in August 2008. He sought out the AfroSpear because of its focus on "...the continuing education and sharing of views of people black and otherwise...oh and world peace! :)".

When asked what his blog will add to the AfroSpear flavor, he wrote, "Can there ever be another voice as they are all unique? I got questions and opinions and life experience that Im bringing to the table."

The AfroSpear requires that a current Member must nominate any new blogger-applicant. Deborah (My Brown Eyed View) is the nominating member for Derrick Anthony. She writes:

"I have read Derrick's Window off and on for the past few months. I first learned about his blog through our mutual membership at Urban Blogger. I read his information and visited the site. I have read his posts from time to time. I also know his work from being a member of We OpEd. I think that Afrospear needs as many diverse voices as we can get. Derrick not only is open about being a Gay Black Male, he writes about issues that are of importance to us as black people. He also shares his perspectives of culture from his viewpoint. I believe that as we continue to grow as a group there is room for all different types of voices in our struggle."
I look forward to reading the insights from this young brother over the coming weeks and months!


msladydeborah said...

I would like to encourage your readers to check out Derrick's Window. I enjoy reading his posts.

Villager said...

Lady D - He does have a unique take on current events...

D.J. said...

Thank you all for the welcome.. I am very happy to be here....but then i am very happy to be anywhere! :)