May 23, 2009

President's Weekly Address: 'Sacrifice'

On this Memorial Day weekend, President Obama calls on the American people to join him in paying tribute to America’s veterans, servicemen and women – particularly those who have made the ultimate sacrifice - and their families.

Villagers, do you have any military veterans in your family? My brother (Capt. Charles Hicks) and cousin (Rear Adm. Benjamin Hacker)served in the Navy. I have another cousin (Kelly Jones) who flew fighter jets for the US Air Force. Charles and 'Uncle' Ben passed away after their military careers ended. Kelly is also retired from the military and actively creating a business based on his passion for racing.

I'll be thinking about these three military men in my family this weekend. How about you?


kennyx6 said...

I will observe the memory of fellow marines from Hill 190,
Da Nang 1968. May they rest in peace for their sacrifice.
I also would like to thank President Obama for developing programs to help struggling veterans and their families.

Villager said...

Kenny - I didn't realize that you were a Marine ... nor that you were in Vietnam. Please accept the thanks of me and other villagers for your past military service...