May 3, 2008

Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship #18

I'm an entrepreneur in the 'real world'. More importantly, I feel that we need to nurture and encourage Black-owned businesses. Some of you recall that Step #8 in the Declaration of Financial Empowerment calls for us to 'to support the creation of profitable, competitive, Black-oriented enterprises'.

One way that we can support Black-owned businesses is to educate ourselves on the subject of business and entrpreneurships. As such, I encourage you to take a moment to check out the 32 blog entries in the Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship #18 compiled by Bootstrapper.

Are you a current or future entrepreneur?


Tey said...

This is a great opportunity for people who are interested for this kind of business..

Hi this is Ester from My Daily Thoughts" Villager, It's been a while...It's always good to be back on your site..

Villager said...

Ester - It is a pleasure to see your village voice this morning. I need to head over to your blog to see what's been on your mind...