May 29, 2008

New AfroSpear Member: Universal Blackness

The AfroSpear added a new voice over the past week. Universal Blackness (BBR #659) is owned/operated by Mr. Shadow. His blog focuses on issues relevant to the Black community and other cultural communities in the United States and throughout the world.

Mr. Shadow is a FAMU graduate currently teaching 8th grade english at a middle school in the Los Angeles area. He also fancies himself as an actor and entertainer who loves to talk and debate the various issues of the day.

Mr. Shadow wrote, "I think the purpose of The AfroSpear is to highlight and promote the various opinions, writings, activities and other positive acts of Bloggers of color. I will contribute to this process by using my blog to talk of matters that are important to Bloggers of color. Not just politics but also entertainment, the arts, culture, education and history."

I encourage all villagers to check out his blog today! With any luck, we may even talk Mr. Shadow into adding the Electronic Village to one of his dozen blogrolls!


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Villager *_^

His blog is fantastic.


Villager said...

PZ - I only became aware of him when he applied for membership to The AfroSpear. I agree with you. He has some powerful posts. My mom was a middle-school teacher in Los Angeles for most of her 35-year career ... so I like that about him as well...

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

This is great, this series on new AfroSpear members! And thanks for linking to AfroSpear in the News!

Villager said...

Francis - Asante sana for all that you do to grow The Afrospear. Do you know your Technorati authority score for the Francis L. Holland Blog?