May 8, 2008

Free William Mayo

Young brother from Cincinnati went down to Morehouse College to complete his college education. While at Morehouse he volunteered in a program to support troubled young people. Sometimes doing the right thing can be a mistake. William J. Mayo probably regrets working with two 19-year old boys in this volunteer program.

It turns out that the two young men committed a robbery to get some money to support their drug money. They did this while they were under the custody of William J. Mayo. Mayo had no clue that the young men were robbing a house in his neighborhood when he left them alone. As such, Mayo had no idea what was going on when the police arrested all three men later. The nightmare continued when Mayo was sentenced to a 20 years-to-life sentence after a 4-day trial. Mayo pleaded that he was innocent the entire time ... to no avail.

Mayo spent over 16 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. The two co-defendants recanted their original testimony. Yet, Mayo continues to spend his life in jail. He has many supporters working to get him freed. Take a moment to watch a 5-minute movie on William J. Mayo created by several students at Morehouse College.

The next step is ours. Visit the Free Mayo website. Care to share your thoughts on this situation?

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