May 27, 2008

Pressure Builds on Democrats to Diversify Convention Blogger Corps

The firestorm continues to build on the lack of diversity in the blogger pool being given credentials to report on the upcoming Democratic Party Convention in Denver, CO. Today, we see that the Washington Post is weighing in with coverage on the controversy.

What are thoughts on the situation? How do you see it being resolved?


Yobachi said...

I just faxed DNCC Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi, DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and DNCC Online Communications Director Aaron Myers; in what might be a final effort for me.

I may follow up with a phone call or two; but they've refused to respond to my proposal for a week; even though Myers has responded in general.

Anyway, in that washington post piece.

Villager said...

Yobachi - Hopefully, the DNC will make good-faith effort to fix the problem.

As an aside, is this an Afrosphere Action Coalition effort?