May 6, 2008

Interview with Kid's Lit Author Kyra Hicks

Coming up on Mother's Day y'all! If there is a mother ... there is a child. My sister, Kyra Hicks, wrote an outstanding children's book focused on a child of African descent. The book is called Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria. I'm remarkably proud of my sister.

Do you recall having books read to you when you were young? Do you remember reading books to your children as they went to bed? Children's books are a phenomenal way to share the remarkable stories of real people. It makes you wonder how generations before us managed to enjoy stories exlusively through the oral tradition, without the combined talents of storytellers and artists.

Click here to hear an audio-interview of Kyra ... where she talks about magazine articles inspiring books, emphasizing the positive to move a story forward and how Kyra herself has become passionate about the subject of her book.

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Kyra said...

Wayne - Thanks for the shout out!

Love, Kyra

Villager said...

Kyra - You are the one doing the heavy liftin'! I'm simply one of your fans (and a lovin' member of your family)...

Iya said...

Reminiscient of The Million Man March.

I never thought I would see such a spectacular sight as this. This has just been a historic, unpredictable campaign. Exciting!