May 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton is the New Ron Paul

It was almost humorous to see how excited Team Clinton is about winning West Virginia and Kentucky by over 35% points in the past few weeks. They are playing it up as a big part of their 'electability' argument to the superdelegates. You would think that Hillary Clinton was walking on water to hear them twist the story.

On the other hand, Obama continues to run a cool, calm and collected campaign. They don't get too high when things are going good. They don't get depressed and lash out when things are going bad. They simply take care of business. Obama has run a remarkable campaign. He went against the biggest, baddest brand in the Democratic party and he put a whippin' to them. Team Clinton started off this contest last year with millions in the bank and the air of being the inevitable winner. Barack Obama started off last year as a 'rock star' with no ability to overcome Team Clinton.

Fast forward to today --> Team Clinton is $20 million in debt and Obama campaign is sitting flush with over $30 million in the bank and over $30 million per month still flowing into his coffers. Which of these two leaders do you want to manage our national economy?

I imagine that every time a Clinton surrogate starts hoopin' and hollerin' about these mammoth wins in West Virginia and Kentucky that the Obama campaign smiles with the memory of 14 contests where they won by remarkably large margins as well. I figure that the superdelegates can do the math. Villagers, take a moment to remember the size of Obama's win in these contests:
  1. Virgin Islands - Obama won by 82%
  2. Idaho - Obama won by 63%
  3. Hawaii - Obama won by 52%
  4. District of Columbia - Obama won by 51%
  5. Alaska - Obama won by 50%
  6. Kansas - Obama won by 48%
  7. Washington - Obama won by 37%
  8. Nebraska - Obama won by 36%
  9. Colorado - Obama won by 35%
  10. Georgia - Obama won by 35%
  11. Minnesota - Obama won by 34%
  12. Illinois - Obama won by 32%
  13. Virginia - Obama won by 29%
  14. Maryland - Obama won by 25%

Last month, I began to think of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic equivalent of Mike Huckabee. She could run around and make speeches around the country, however, it was clear that she didn't have a snowball's chance in Hades of winning the nomination. This month, I'm starting to think Hillary is the Democratic Party equivalent of Ron Paul!


Truthiz said...


Your site is becoming 1 of 3 blog sites I try to check out everyday!

Now, as to the notion that Hillary Clinton has become the "new Ron Paul".

I have to respectfully disagree, for 2 primary reasons:

1.) Hillary Clinton is much more powerful_and much more ruthless than Ron Paul has even been.

2) Because she's more powerful and more ruthless, she remains much more of a REAL threat to Barack Obama securing the nomination in a "bloodless" fashion_and then the Presidency _than Ron Paul could ever hope to be to McCain!

In short, I didn't think it was smart for Obama to completely blow-off Kentucky the way he practically blew-off West Virginia.

Whether Barack likes it or not, perception IS reality for many Americans. And let's face it, most "hard-working" Americans (Black, White, Latino etc) are just like those blue-collar low-to-middle income, rural white voters in_ meaning, UNder-educated and NOT too bright.

Giving Hillary Clinton any opportunity to strut her "I'm a fighter and a winner" stuff by earning HUGE primary wins in Appalachia is NOT a smart political strategy for Obama...

..unless he wants her to be his VP?!

Jonzee said...

@ truthiz

I disagree with you on the "blowing off" point. If Obama went the daily changing perception of what he should/should not do his campaign would be as schzo as Clintons.

First the perception was "look at all that money he spent in PA and still didn't win". Then the perception was that he can't win white working class folks--news flash most Democrats can't. And Appalachia is a whole different animal. Now its, he blew off Wva and KY.

I don't buy it. Since right before Wva he went into general election mode and has spent just about the same amount of time in Oregon in the last week as he did in KY.

The man's got a plan. The leaked spreadsheet (I can't find the link right now) demonstrates that the states he is losing and winning are uncannily turning out just that way.

As my boy Ink says, she had it all in the bag--front runner, former first lady, married to the last standard bearer of the Democratic party to sit in the White House, and she lost to a negro with big ears and a funny name that ryhmes with Obama--no one to blame but herself.

Regina said...

Villager, I totally agree with you on the way Obama has run a cool (For the most part) campaign. I think He found his footing and ground, dug in and stuck it out with dignity, most times just side stepping the mud that Hillary was slinging. Very nice poise and decorum!
I do agree with Truthiz on points 1 and 2. Hillary is MUCH more dangerous and powerful than Ron Paul could ever even hoped to have been.
Her power and status (perhaps former status is more apropos) makes her very dangerous to not just Obama but the entire Democratic party.

Truthiz said...


I like an honest debate on the merits and your points are well made!

In fact, I agree, Obama should not change his strategy as per the daily perception...and I wasn't suggesting that.

I was merely calling it like I see it. In America perception is reality!

Obama could have lost PA by 15-20 or maybe 25 points_but he came here, talked to the rural white voters and ended up losing by about 9 points, which ended up benefiting him in a major way_with his big win in N.C. and his close finish in Indiana he was able to wipe out her win in PA.

And I saw a report on MSNBC that showed the Democratic Party has a problem with blue-collar, working-class whites, in Appalachia.

All the more reason, IMO, for Barack to reach out and try to connect with some of those people, in his own way, just like he did in PA.

Nevertheless, your points are well made!

SjP said...

Great Post as usual Villager! Don't know about the Ron Paul analogy, though. She's way too ruthless and powerful. Don't think I'll stop holding my breath on this nomination and election until they declare him the winner of both! Folks like the Clintons don't take losing nicely - so, I'm preparing myself for any and everything! SjP

Villager said...

Truthiz - You honor me with your support. I hope to continue to live up to it over the coming weeks and months.

Your disagreement is well-taken. Hillary Clinton is still a powerful force ... it's just that she is now facing a more powerful force...

re: Kentucky & West Virginia. You may be right. However, it is evident that Obama made a conscious decision after NC/Indy/Edwards week that he was making the pivot to the general election. Spending a lot of time in WV or Kentucky would be giving Clinton more time and energy than she is worth at this stage. Obama is squarely moving towards his battle with McCain. Hopefully, Clinton will join the Obama train as it rumbles out of the station...

Villager said...

All - The blog title is actually based more on my desire to say it 'out loud' than any actual basis in fact at this point. I just thought it was a kewl blog title...

Do any of y'all know what Hillary wants (short of being POTUS)?

Shelia said...


What's going on? I've become so obligated recently that I'm barely getting to visit anybody lately.

I just stopped what I was doing today to get by here, I feel better.

I don't know what to say about that woman, she has lost her ever lovin'

I hope that all is well and I know that you're working hard

Take Care,~~Shelia

Shelia said...

Villager, is it a face lift?

msladydeborah said...

Hotep Villager,

I too believe that Obama should stay on his course and not get snarled by tales from the far side.

The white voter issue has begun to unravel as the stump continues. And there is that on-going pesky problem of the math which is not working out in her favor.

But she is a true politicans and it ain't over until it is over! I believe that Hillary Clinton is to be watched by people who are concerned about the outcome of this race 24/7~like we are working for homeland secuirty.

Villager said...

Shelia - You are doing a wonderful job on your blog. I see that you are interviewing tennis coaches now. Hopefully, we can see some breakthroughs at the upcoming French Open. As for Hillary ... what can I say?!?

Lady D - 'We are homeland security' had be ROTFL. You're right...