May 15, 2008

Twitter 3rd-Party Applications

I recently made decision to use Twitter. I had the account for over a year, however, I wasn't really a tweeter. I added widgets on my BDPA Foundation and Electronic Village blogs that shares my tweets with interested blog readers. Currently, I follow 50 people on Twitter and there are 56 people that follow me.

I have become much more interested in 3rd party applications as a result of my recent forays into Twitterville. Therefore, I was very intrigued by a recent post from Kim Beasley that shared a short list of great 3rd-party applications for Twitter. Kim wrote,
"If you haven’t started using Twitter yet then you are missing out on a great way to network online. I decided to try out Twitter a couple of month ago but I didn’t do much with it until with the last week. Admittance to being addicted is a mild way to explain how much I love Twitter. Let me share a few details about Twitter, keep in mind that when I say Tweet it means that you have just sent a message via Twitter. A person who uses Twitter is a Tweeter. The entire network or universe of Twitter is called Twitterville. Meeting people offline is called a TweetUp.

OK, enough about my love of Twitter and onto the 3rd-party applications (apps) that you can get that will work well with Twitter. Below is a short list but look for more details about the entire list that will be released soon.

  • Twhirl: offline program that will allow you to send tweets from your desktop

  • TweetLater: online website that will all you to automatically except followers and to schedule your tweet for future release

  • TweetBurner: online website that will allow you to track the activity of links that you post to Twitter

  • Twitterfeed: online website that will send RSS feeds to your Twitter account
Are you on Twitter?


Theo J. said...

I've been using Twitter for a couple of months and like it. It's another way to publicize your blog posts and it can be a way to e-interact with other tweeters.

I use it most from my PC, but I like the fact that it works well from a cell phone. Great list of 3rd-party apps. I'll have to check them out.

I read you were a speaker at Blogging While Brown. Can't wait to hear your presentation.

Ruth Ferguson said...

I just started using Twitter this week and so far not having much luck. so just hanging out. my twitter id is ruthdfw - so please help a newbie out.

Marleaux said...

Interesting. I wouldn't want to upload my rss straight to twitter. My "friends" on there are all bloggers and no where to find me, so I don't want to flood it with links. I may do it when I post something out of the ordinary.

I've also just started using twitpic. You can email photos to twitpic, with your twit message in the subject line and it appears on twitter with a link to the picture along with the message. I usually email camera phone pictures while I'm out and about.

Villager said...

Theo - Long time; no see! I agree that Twitter has some potential to improve our blog marketing efforts. I look forward to meeting you in person in Atlanta later this year at the BWB conference. Have you made your plane & hotel reservation?

Ruth - Patience and persistence is the key to success in the blogging game...

Marleaux - What did you end up getting as a birthday gift for your boyfriend? (yeah, we read your tweets!)...