May 5, 2008

Seeking Human Rights eBook Submissions

We encourage all bloggers and blog readers to join together on the 27th of each month as we reflect on the human rights abuses taking place around the world by asking the simple question, 'Am I Not Human?' You may recall that we created our first Roots of Humanity eBook in April 2008.

This month we are reaching out to you for eBook submissions. Your submission may include:
  • Relevant interview
  • Relevant editorial
  • Art (including relevant literary art)
  • Essay on your personal experiences
In all cases, your submission should deal with human rights abuses, including our primary focus on Darfur and Tibet. Please send your submissions by email to the Roots of Humanity eBook team.

Thank you for your consideration. As Danielle reminds us, 'the pen is most certainly mightier than the sword'.


SheCodes said...

Hey villager,

I'll move stuff around to get involved with this.

Villager said...

SheCodes - We would be honored to have your powerful voice added to the mix. I've been watching you grow your podcast audience and guest list over the past few weeks. You are creating a true movement for our nubian queens...

Gerri said...

human rights is something I have been thinking of more and more because of everything that is going on in my homeland of Zimbabwe. Last week I went to the UNs website to take a look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I was just shaking my head and read through it and seeing how many of them don't apply to the people of Zimbabwe and a number of nations around the world. It amazes me that some many human rights violations take place in this day in age and the world just watches. This eBook is a good idea because people need to be more aware about what is going on in the world.