February 18, 2008

Blackonomics Million Dollar Club

Some brothers and sisters I know were recently discussing ways that they could use their tax rebates to uplift our community. The discussion reminded me of the Blackonomics Million Dollar Club (BMDC) created a few years ago by Jim Clingman.

No, this is not about those individuals among us who have been blessed to be millionaires. This is not about creating new millionaires. This is not even about celebrating millionaires. This is about a national collective of Black folks who have the ability to give a million dollars, over and over again, to Black organizations, Black schools, Black museums, and Black causes. This is about an effort by dedicated Black folks who believe in self-help and are willing to sacrifice just a little so that more of us can have a lot. That is what BMDC is all about.

Clingman seeks 200,000 persons to sign on as members of the BMDC simply by adding their e-mail addresses to the BMDC Mail List on the homepage of Blackonomics.com. Periodically we are asked to submit recommendations to which we can each send $5 or more to a selected recipient.

It's just that simple. No middleman, no administrative costs, no fuss no muss. Just a postage stamp and a check.

All funds ... say it again ... all funds are sent directly to the recipient. What could be simpler and easier for those who are serious about supporting our own organizations and initiatives? How can we allow those "other" organizations to take money out of our checks even before we see it and not support our own organizations via the BMDC?

To date, the BMDC has assisted the following African-centered organizations:
  • Piney Woods School, Piney Woods, MS
  • Marcus Garvey High School, L.A. California
  • Harriet Tubman Home, Auburn, NY
  • Harvest Institute, Washington, DC
  • Harriet Tubman Museum, Cambridge, MD
  • Ijoba Shule, Philadelphia, PA
  • Black Holocaust Museum, Milwaukee, WI
  • William Mayo Innocence Coalition, Atlanta, GA
  • Aisha Shule, Detroit, MI
  • Ujamaa School, Washington, DC
  • Haitian Relief Fund, Miami, FL
  • Kava School, Nigeria (Managed By Brother Ogunlade in Atlanta, GA)
  • Joseph Littles Nguzu Saba School, West Palm Beach, FL
  • D’Zert Club, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sojourner Truth Memorial Fund, Washington, DC
  • Joshua Weir Olympic Fund, Indianapolis, IN.
If you are reading this blog then you have an e-mail address and certainly you can afford to part with $5 or more to help our brothers and sisters.

Jim Clingman wrote, "We don't have to beg; we have the resources to take care of our own stuff. Yes, other folks' money spends too, and they should contribute to our causes; we certainly support theirs. But, isn't the primary responsibility for supporting black causes, black schools, black museums and black efforts that of black people first? With all of the income we generate annually, and all of the intelligence we have accumulated over the years, I know we can do much better."

Villagers, won't you sign up for the Blackonomics Million Dollar Club?


SheCodes said...

This is a beautiful idea, villager! I'll create a referring link.

Villager said...

Shecodes - Asante sana. I hope you join yourself as well...

Deidra said...

This is great Villager. I can certainly part with 5 dollars (it's going to have wait till Friday lol - I'm a broke college student). But I sure hope that these schools or black organizations are doing what they are supposed to do. I have seen a number of black schools that are not too focused. I don't know if it's the lack of support or they're just lazy. Anyways, great post. I'm always looking for causes to support.

Villager said...

Deidra - Thank you. I'm sure that Jim Clingman will be surprised by the increased spike of BMDC subscribers that he gets this week...

Janet Shan said...

Great link Villager. Will sign up myself.

Villager said...

Janet - Thank you. Share it with your readers if you think it worthwhile...

The Urban Scientist said...

Giving money isn't problematic for me. Neither is paying taxes for social programs. But after working for a social service agency and volunteering for another one (The Urban League), I am no fan of passing out money. Programs need to be held accountable. And I mean being shrewd and firm. I know they mean to do good things. I know alot of people depend on such organizations for help. But I have become jaded. They enable people - not empower them. I want to be apart of a Black Think Tank/Money Bank that gives money (big money) for worthy orgs - like the ones listed, but upon fear of yanking that money they will not falter on meeting stated objectives.

Villager said...

Urban Scientist - I feel ya! I serve as an executive director for two non-profits ... one based here in Cincinnati, OH and the other that is national in scope. I understand your retience.

However, BMDC ain't about big organizations doing big things. It is about OUR organizations doing things to uplift OUR community. I encourage you to subscribe to the BMDC listserv ... but, withhold sending your $5 contribution if you think that it would be wasted or isn't going to a worthy activity. Doable?

The Urban Scientist said...

Okay... I'll read more into, too. Do my homework.