July 29, 2009

Amefika Geuka: Walking 1,000 Miles for African-Centered Education

Often we talk about the importance of education for our young people. For too many of us ... it is just talk. Here is the story of Amefika Geuka, a man who is willing to walk the walk. In fact, he is walking 1,000 miles from his home in Florida to Washington DC to raise awareness about the miseducation that children of African-descent get in our public education system.

We feel the way to change that is to put a focus on education of those children being educated from their own perspective,” explains Geuka.
Which is why he and two others founded the Joseph Littles - Nguzo Saba Charter School in Florida.

“The public education system in America no matter how well intended it may be, it actually demoralizes black children and black people because it dismisses for the most part that people of African descent have ever contributed anything of any significance to the forward flow of civilization.”
Bro. Geuka documented his thoughts on African-centered Education a few years ago when he delivered a black paper at the University of Cincinnati. Geuka says once he arrives in Washington D.C. he plans on holding a rally and also reading a proclamation for African Centered Education Elevation Day.

NOTE: I appreciate the efforts of anyone ... including Amefika Geuka ... when it comes to turning around the abismyl results of our public education system. I encouage villagers to learn more about his travels and his school. I'm going to follow his progress via Twitter as well.

What are your thoughts on African-centered education (in general) or this man's walkathon (in particular)? What say u?


Jamie said...

This is a wonderful project, but it isn't just African American history. It is History period. Certainly the nation founders and their achievements should be learned, but tell the truth about them, the people they lived among and the men and women who actually created the nation once the words were on paper or the battles fought.

Villager said...

Jamie - Your comment is a refreshing reminder that American history should be inclusive of Black history.

I imagine that Obama would be better served to have a beer with this brother when he arrives in DC than with Sgt. Crowley...

CCGroovy!!! said...


This is AWESOME!!!

Villager said...

CCGroovy - Feel free to share info on this brother's effort with your blog readers...