July 12, 2009

Ghana Speech by President Barack Obama (video)

President Obama was in Ghana over the past weekend. Obama says he chose Ghana to “highlight” its adherence to democratic principles and institutions, ensuring the kind of stability that brings prosperity.

This isn’t just some abstract notion that we’re trying to impose on Africa,” he told AllAfrica.com. He added: “The African continent is a place of extraordinary promise as well as challenges. We’re not going to be able to fulfill those promises unless we see better governance.”
Here is video of his speech in Ghana:

Do you think that America can have a positive impact on future of Africa?


kennyx6 said...

A very Special Thanks to Wayne & Electronic Village for providing these links. It is very important for African-Americans, the US and the World to get a sense of President Obama attitude and commitment toward Ghana, Africa and its people. We see China, Korea and various foreign powers making their move on Africa for it valuable resources. We must re-claim the mother land before its too late. My motto,"Africa for the Africans".

Villager said...

Kenny - 'Africa for the Africans' is a wonderful story. I often wonder why more African Americans don't take more control of our own community and economy here in America.

In any case, I hope that many villagers take time to listen to Obama's words in this speech.