July 18, 2009

CNN's Black in America 2: Educational Excellence

Most villagers recognize that education of our young people is critical part of any solution to the negative statistics that plague the Black community. A failed education system is not an option. The upcoming CNN Black in America 2 series shares information about Capital Prepatory School in Hartford CT. I think all of us wish that our kids had option of attending a school like this one ... with a principal like this one.

Link: Capital Prep on CNN Black In America 2

CNN’s Black in America series airs July 22nd & 23rd. This program focuses on issues facing the leaders, programs, and businesses that are most persistent in the African American community, hosted by Soledad O'Brien.

Do you plan to watch the series?


Ebony Intuition said...

I watched the 1st series , so I plan on watching the 2nd. And would like to see more on the guy featured in the video. He's done a great job at his school.

Villager said...

Ebony Intuition - I feel ya'. I think that I'm going to watch it as well...