July 3, 2009

Electronic Village Nominated for 2009 Black Weblog Awards

Electronic Village is on the ballot in four categories for this year’s Black Weblog Awards: Best Culture Blog, Best Political/News Blog, Blog of the Year and Best Microblog. The top five vote-getters in each category become finalists. I hope that you will VOTE for our blog!

In addition, our 'Taser Torture' series has been nominated as 'Best Blog Post Series'.

The Black Weblog Awards was founded in 2005 to give recognition to bloggers of the African diaspora that were largely overlooked by other Internet award events online. What started out as a barely-known event has now grown into an international showcase. With participants from over 90 countries, the Black Weblog Awards stands out as one of the most widespread Internet award events for Black bloggers.

Winners are announced during the first week of September. We will work to ensure that all Black Weblog Award winners are included in the Villager's Black Blog Rankings.


DNLee said...

I've voted! Best of luck. I'm in the running for the Best Science/Tech blog. And I would really appreciate the Electronic Village's support in my bid to Blog my way to Antarctica. If I secure the most votes I can go a South Pole Expedition as the quest's official blogger.
Best of luck and thanks!

Shelia said...

Congratulations Villager! It is as it should be. I'm going to run over and vote now.

RiPPa said...

Oh you know I gotta put it down for the EV bruh! Keep bringing it and doing what you do. I'm sooo amazed at the energy and dedication you've put forth into your Taser Torture series. I swear I think it's like you have a police scanner at your house.


Villager said...

DNLee - I got your back in the Antartica effort! Did you see the story about the Black woman who went to the North Pole?

Shelia - Asante sana. It was a great tennis weekend! I watched both Singles finals and was glad to hear about Williams sisters winning the doubles. I even pulled out my Serena "boobies" photo for my sidebar!

RiPPa - Asante sana! No scanner ... just my HAM Radio in the basement (smile)...

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there Villager!

I am soooo happy you are nominated in that category! My blog is in that category too but I'll be sure to put one down for ya because you know I loooove the work you do here!!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!