July 18, 2009

Racist Gary Frago Apology: 'Now I'm Sorry For It'

Atwater mayor pro tem Gary Frago is feeling the heat from the lights that are being shined on him. Frago admits to sending several emails containing racist jokes aimed at President Obama and his wife Michelle to city staff and other prominent community members.

One email compares Obama to O.J. Simpson. Another talks about Obama taxing aspirin because "it's white and it works." Another reads "Breaking News: Playboy just offered Sarah Palin $1 million to pose nude in the January issue. Michelle Obama got the same offer from National Geographic."

"They weren't threatening. I'm not a racist person, I don't know what to tell you," said Frago, "It was a bad mistake. I didn't realize it at the time. I didn't know the sensitivity of it. Now I'm sorry for it."[SOURCE]
Villagers, the pattern never seems to change. Initially, there is no contrition from these arrogant racists. Then when the pressure begins to mount we hear the first apologies. It takes a little longer for them to realize that the pressure will never stop until they step down from elected office.

You can help ... reach out to the City of Atwater and share your thoughts on Gary Frago:

City Administration
750 Bellevue Road
Atwater, CA 95301
(209)357-6302 fx

We have the apology from Gary Frago now. Can the resignation be far behind?


CCGroovy!!! said...

He "didn't realize the sensitivity of it"?!?!?

msladydeborah said...

I wouldn't count on a resignation. This trend has been going on for awhile and the people responsible seem to get away with an apology.

But, on the other hand he needs to feel the fiyah of those of us who don't believe his lying lips.
Thanks for sharing the contact info. He will be hearing from me.

A.Smith said...

Here's my thing...

Forget the Fragos and the Groses for a minute. As a matter of fact, forget them all together...

WHO are these people they're sending the e-mails to who aren't standing up and saying anything?

I tell one of my close white friends all the time... they are the ones who, at this stage of the game, can make larger strides in the combat against ignorance (and racism). They're there when most of this ish gets said. The Fragos and Groses would NEVER say that within earshot of a black person (i.e. never fwd such e-mails to us) but to those white people that they do forward them to, it's so very important that they say something.

Villager said...

CCGroovy - I hope that the pressure continues to build for Frago. He'll be better able to understand and learn 'sensitivity' from his home. He needs to resign.

Lady D - I think he will resign. The pressure continues to build. Should be an interesting council meeting. I don't see many folks stepping up to speak in his favor.

A. Smith - You're right. I need to question myself. Often, when I get an objectionable email forwarded to me ... i just delete it. Perhaps I need to be more proactive in giving feedback to the person that sent me that email...