July 24, 2009

Taser Lawsuit: Jarrell Gray (Frederick County, MD)

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office deputy Rudy Torres killed Jarrel Gray in November 2007 with his taser. Deputy Sheriff Torres didn't spend any time in jail.

Hopefully, he will spend some time in the poor house after he deals with a $10 million lawsuit filed by Gray's family.

Torres tried to have the case dismissed. The judge told him that the case would go to trial and that it will be up to a jury to determine whether the use of force was appropriate.

Torres has said he shocked Gray twice because he failed to obey his commands after a fistfight. What Torres doesn't say? Jarrel Gray was hearing-impaired.

I anticipate that some of the 24 people killed by tasers in 2009 will eventually be filing lawsuits as well.


Villager said...

All - An appeals court ruling will allow this wrongful death lawsuit against the sheriff's office to proceed to federal court. [SOURCE]

Villager said...

All - I saw this earlier this week [SOURCE]:

A lawyer at a federal civil trial in Baltimore is calling a former Frederick County sheriff's deputy "sadistic"
for using a stun gun to subdue an unarmed man who died shortly thereafter.

Attorney Gregory Lattimer made his opening statement Tuesday in the trial stemming from the November 2007 death of Jarrel Gray. Defense attorney Daniel Karp was set to make his opening statement Tuesday afternoon.

Former Cpl. Rudy Torres has denied using excessive force against Gray.

Gray's parents are seeking $145 million for what they say was a wrongful death.

The state medical examiner's office couldn't determine a cause of death but said the manner of death was restraint and alcohol intoxication.

A Frederick County grand jury found Torres justified in using the stun gun to subdue Gray.

Villager said...

All - The family of Jarrell Gray aren't giving up. They have requested a new trial. Read More.

Wayne Hicks said...

Court rules that there will be no new trial for the family of Jarrell Gray.