July 21, 2009

Tune In Tuesday: The Dramatics, 'Shake It Well' (1977)

Womanist Musings created a weekly meme today called Tune In Tuesday. She noted that our blogs often deal with serious issues and it might be nice to lighten the atmosphere every once in awhile. Music has the ability to trigger happy memories and much of our lives are marked by song.

To that end each Tuesday this blog intends to offer a song and tell you about what it triggers for me and in return you are welcome to share any memories that you have associated with it.

Do any of y'all have a tune or a stanza of music that rattles in your head and you don't have any idea where it comes from? I did ... until today. I have been singing, "My name is Squirrel ... best shaker in the world ... shake it on down ... shake it down to the ground." I had no idea where the tune or the words came from ... until today!

I'm amazed that a song I heard back in freshman year of college has been running around my mind for over 30 years! This meme caused me to google the few lyrics that I knew ... and Google led me to The Dramatics' Shake It Well (1977). I've been walking around with a goofy smile on my face ever since!

I hope other bloggers will consider participation in this weekly meme. In the meantime, I invite other villagers to share their thoughts on this song, group or my odd musical journey.

What say u?


CCGroovy!!! said...


I didn't know this song, but; right about NOW; I probably have that same grin!!!

Villager said...

CCGroovy - I'm glad you enjoyed my vibe ... too bad you couldn't hear me belthing this baby out in my loudest voice!

On the other hand ... maybe the fact you can't hear me is a good thing! :)

Renee said...

I had not heard this song before but I loved irritating my kids my playing it to them.. I owe you one. :)

marci said...

what a cool track - i am going to have to hunt it down.... i will be singing this all day now.. i got the funk!

my track of choice is 'do it fluid' by the blackbyrds...
i don't know when i first heard it (i was a jazz funk head as a teenager 25 odd yrs ago..).. but i can take or leave just about anything but this is the one track which is guaranteed to get me on the dancefloor... and when it comes round on my pod utter glee is written all over my face..

it's my tune..

Villager said...

Renee and Marci - I'm glad you enjoyed my Dramatics joint! I missed Tune In Tuesday this week. I hope to be back with it next week...