July 25, 2009

Trial Date Set for Dunbar Village Rapists

America is a great nation because of the rule of law. The idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty is a powerful concept. However, there are times when I wish we could skip the whole judicial process and jump straight to the gas chamber.

I'm wishing we could shortcut the process for 20-year old Tommy Poindexter, 18-year old Nathan Walker, 17-year old Jakaris Taylor and 15-year old Avion Lawson. These are four of the young punks that terrorized a young 'un and raped his mother at the Dunbar Village public housing complex in West Palm Beach.

The judge in Florida decided that there will be two trials and four juries for these four young men. The first trial takes place on August 16 and the second trial takes place on September 15.

Hopefully the trials will be quick. I'd like to see these four cretins deep in the belly of the beast before Thanksgiving.


Jacqui C. said...

While these young men deserve to be tried and punished for their actions, please watch the negative language towards them along with their actions. To write them off as anomalies in the community is to allow others who are preying on younger children and teen age girls to keep doing what they're doing and picking on those who don't know where to turn for help.

Sexual violence is never okay and those who are being victimized need to know they will be supported when they speak up. Those who commit such violence need to know they are risking separation from the community in more ways than one.
Our folks need to learn respect for one another which includes our rights to say if, when and with whom to have sex. The recent outcry about what took place at the BET awards was a start. Let's keep the conversations going.

Villager said...

Jacqui - Have things improved over the past year in your opinion?