July 17, 2009

Valley Swim Club Learns 'God Don't Like Ugly'

I like the way that the Valley Swim Club story is evolving. Swim club management showed a true lack of class and commonsense back on June 29 when they kicked out 65 mostly Black young 'uns from a confirmed at the day. The swim club manager felt arrogant and privileged enough to voice the thoughts of his members when he said that the club wasn't interested in seeing the "complexion" of the pool changed.

Karma is a biyotch!

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that racial-discrimination lawsuits could cost enough to threaten the Valley Club's existence. Attorneys, club members, and tax records indicated that a pair of federal-court lawsuits - one filed, one promised - could cost the club more money than it has and possibly leave board members liable for civil-rights verdicts.

"The only asset we have is the land, which housing developers have been trying to buy for years," said Bonnie Bacich, a Valley Club member for 30 years.
Valley Club president John G. Duesler Jr. - who has offered to resign over the imbroglio - said the club was searching for an attorney.

Jim Crow swimming clubs have no place in the 21st century. I encourage villagers to sign the online petition as a means to keep the pressure on Mr. Duesler and his racist cronies!

Methinks that the Valley Swim Club should be shut down forever. What say u?

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