August 29, 2009

How Long Does a Taser-Related Autopsy Take to Complete?

I guess I'm spoiled. I've seen the medical examiners from major cities like Las Vegas, Miami and New York complete the autopsy process with quickness. I've learned that if a victim is Jewish then the coroner works to complete the autopsy within the first 24 hours.

It boggles my mind that it takes coroner's in other cities so long to complete the autopsy process when a taser-related victim is laid out in front of them. For example, 17-year old Derek Jones died in January 8, 2009 after being tased by a local police officer in Martinsville, VA ... a town of only 14,543 people. It's a small town. However, authorities continue to wait on autopsy reports. [SOURCE]

This is a pattern that we've seen in other taser-related deaths. This is another reason that we need a federal probe. Have you signed our online petition asking for congressional hearings on taser torture?

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