August 21, 2009

Old School Friday: Barack Obama and The Dells

President Obama is a remarkable leader. However, at the end of the day he is 'only a man'. We need to keep him and his family in our prayers. I thought that this video salute to President Obama was on point. I hope you enjoy it as well...


Anonymous said...

Hey Villager!

I got your message about you not making the prom, and I know you're not alone on that one. Still, this is a really significant pick and I like the msg it sends, which is very appropriate.

Unknown said...

ooo, you beat me to the punch! It's OK though because I am still going to post this t my spot! It is such an awesome statement!
Happy OSF!
Yea, I didn't make my prom either and I blogged the reason why.

CCG said...

I decided at almost the last minute to go to my prom.



Revvy Rev said...

Great statement and message. Sorry you missed it although it was an experience that most of us who went have a fuzzy recollection of. Happy OSF!

Marvalus said...

Great, great post!

Happy OSF!