August 20, 2009

Plaxico Burress Enters Hall of Shame

Michael Vick entered our Sports Hall of Shame two years ago. It appears that we can add Plaxico Burress to the list as well.

Check out this Hall of Shame:

  1. Mark Bell - hockey player
  2. Rae Carruth - football player
  3. Maurice Clarett - football player
  4. Mike Danton - hockey player
  5. Doc Gooden - baseball player
  6. Hollywood Henderson - football player
  7. Jamal Lewis - football player
  8. Denny McLain - baseball player
  9. Bob Probert - hockey players
  10. Pete Rose - baseball player
  11. Art Schlicter - football players
  12. Darryl Strawberry - baseball player
  13. Mike Tyson - boxer

I feel bad for Plaxico. He didn't hurt anyone but himself ... and he appears to have picked the worst set of attorneys to battle for him in court. Anyhow, this is an open thread. Share your 'village voice' on Plaxico Burress and the guilty plea that will place him in jail for the next two years.

What say u?


Esquire said...

I think Burress just ran into a political storm that was out to send a message no matter who his attorneys were.

Unknown said...

Esquire - You may be right. At the end of the day it appears his biggest mistake was being strapped when he left his house that night...

JD said...

Bad Attorneys + Dumb Client = Jail

Unknown said...

JD - That is some NFL mathematics that all of our young people should learn...