August 25, 2009

Tune In Tuesday: Norman Connors, 'You Are My Starship'

Many of you know that I'm a science fiction fan. Some of you know that I'm wondering if I've been marooned from love for the rest of my life ... or if I still have a chance for my starship to come in. I'm going to tune in Norman Connors for inspiration. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Womanist Musings created a weekly meme today called Tune In Tuesday. She noted that our blogs often deal with serious issues and it might be nice to lighten the atmosphere every once in awhile. Music has the ability to trigger happy memories and much of our lives are marked by song. To that end each Tuesday this blog intends to offer a song and tell you about what it triggers for me and in return you are welcome to share any memories that you have associated with it.


CCG said...


U are That DUDE!!!

Unknown said...

CCGroovy - U bring a smile to my face young 'un! I invite you to try out this Tune In Tuesday meme with your blog readers next week!