August 14, 2009

Missing: 5-Year Old Hasanni Campbell (Oakland, CA)

I'm trying to get a handle on this story. Apparently, 5-year old Hasanni Campbell went missing earlier this week when his foster father, Louis Ross, left him sitting in a car parked around the corner from an Oakland shoe store where Jennifer Campbell, who is the boy's foster mother, works. [SOURCE]

Ross said he was unlocking the store door to give the boy, who wears arch-support braces to walk because of his cerebral palsy, easier access. He said the boy was gone when he returned.

Police said the boy is black, 3 feet tall, weighs 30 pounds and was last seen wearing a gray sweat shirt and gray pants.

Evidently Louis Ross and Jennifer Campbell are planning to get married. Also, Ms. Campbell is six-months pregnant. She refused to take a lie detector test because she feared its effects on her pregnancy.

Villager's Voice: All in all, I'm not feeling good about the safe return of young Hasanni Campbell. This story may end up badly ... with misguided foster parents that wanted to clear the way for their unborn child. I hope that I'm wrong.

Please keep young Hasanni in your prayers. Anyone with information can call the Oakland Police: (510) 238-3641


Hue Reviews said...

I hope and pray that his child is found safe and isn't what you stated. I was thinking the same thing.

Unknown said...

A. Spence - I hope that I'm wrong. I want this kid to be found alive and well...

field negro said...

Villager, thanks for putting this story out there front and center on your blog.