August 20, 2009

Lakeesha Alert: Hasanni Campbell, Missing 5-Year Old Child

Louis Ross, the foster father of a missing California boy with cerebral palsy says he left the child alone near his car before the child vanished August 10th from a shoe store parking lot. Nobody has seen or heard from 5-year old Hassani Campbell since that moment.

Where is Hasanni Campbell?

I do not have a good feeling about the eventual outcome. It is time to put out a Lakeesha Alert ... the Amber Alert system ain't working!

I would like all Black bloggers that read this blog post to share information about this missing child with their blog readers. It is time that we pump up the volume with the mainstream media and with other national organizations. They need to become aware of a young boy who has not been seen or heard from in over a week.

The foster dad says he left Hassani Campbell so he could ask his fiancee to look after boy. Hassani, who has cerebral palsy, has not been since that point. Ross took polygraph and the police have searched his home and nearby area. The fiancee refused to take a polygraph because of fear it would impact on her pregnancy. There has been a $10,000 reward offered to anyone that can help find the young 'un. Anyone with information can call the Oakland Police: (510) 238-3641.

Let me know if your blog is participating in this effort. Here is a list of participating bloggers:

  1. African American News

  2. BV Black Spin

  3. Field Negro

  4. YoungBlackNews

My prayers are for Hasanni's safe return... What say u?

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