August 6, 2009

New AfroSpear Member: Whose Shoes Are These Anyway?

Please join me in welcoming Nordette Adams (aka Verite Parlant) as the newest member of The AfroSpear. Verite created her blog, Whose Shoes Are These Anyway?, in May 2008. When asked what the AfroSpear is all about, she wrote,
"The goal of The AfroSpear is to examine the changing world of people of African descent in relation to themselves and the larger world, to evaluate and propose potential solutions to real social problems, and to further intelligent discussion of our culture, achievements, and challenges."
Verite feels that she can support the AfroSpear by "offering my voice as a writer to the group, ready to participate as often as possible in promoting the important causes it chooses to address as well as to encourage a healthy community of black bloggers."

The AfroSpear implemented a new policy calling for a current Member to nominate any new applicant. Deborah Latham (My Brown-Eyed View) was the nominating Member for our new blogging Kinfolk.

Lady D wrote, "I have been reading WSATA for about four months. I discovered her after she visited MBEV and commented on several of my posts. I found her blog to be an interesting mix of ideas.I also read her other blog The Urban Mother's Book of Prayers, which is a powerful and passionate commentary on the situations that face families. Her poetry on this site is outstanding. We also share sistahood on BlogHer. She writes from the heart and with an honesty that I appreciate as a mature woman of color. She tackles different subjects with her eyes wide open and her mind working on point! I believe that Verite Parlant should be considered for membership because she has championed the causes that Afrospear has forwarded. She approached me about a month ago about joining AfroSpear because she liked the work that we are doing. I believe that she will be on point and an active participant in AfroSpear actions.
I invite all villagers to use the COMMENTS/VILLAGE VOICE section below to welcome our newest AfroSpear member!


RiPPa said...

I discovered her blog recently and I think it's awesome.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

PPR_Scribe said...

Congrats to a sister and a friend! Extremely well deserved.

msladydeborah said...

Hotep Villager,

I'm very glad to see that Whose Shoes Are These Anyway? will be joining the AfroSpear family!

For those who have not taken the time to visit WSTA, please do so ASAP! Nordette is a busy writer and always heading in different directions with a purpose.

Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

I'm so slow. :-) I didn't know I had a welcome here. I was busy trying to figure out my code and get the blogroll up.

Thank you so much for welcoming me to Afrospear. I look forward to getting to know everyone and everyone's blogs better.

And thank you to MrsLadyDeborah and other who were familiar with my work and supported.

Thank you, Wayne and Afrospear.

Villager said...

Nordette - I apologize for the delay in processing your application. I think that we have about 10 others in the queue. I'm trying like the dickens to catch up!

Anyhow, it is a pleasure to have you as one of my kinfolk in the AfroSpear!