October 2, 2007

Declaration of Black European Women's Network

One of my colleagues in The AfroSpear is Adrianne George. She writes a powerful blog, Black Women in Europe, that is currently #48 on the list of Top Black Bloggers. She won the 2007 Black Weblog Award as 'Best International Blog'. Adrianne is a powerful sista.

She gathered with nubian sisters from 16 European Union states and Switzerland in Vienna on Sept 27-29 to create the Black European Womens Network (BEWNET). These sisters seek recognition of crucial role played by Black Women economically, politically, culturally and socially in the European context. They are determined to implement and mainstream Black Women´s Empowerment in Europe as a core policy issue.

Check out the five recommendations issued by BEWNET to the European Union leaders.

Villagers, take a moment to share your village voice about the five recommendations, BEWNET, Adrianne or Black women in general.


Black Women in Europe said...

Wow, I am so proud to be a Village Hero! I now have 100 sisters in my Black Women in Europe Social Network and the numbers are literally growing by the day!

I am also proud to have been in Vienna. The days are numbered when Europe will be thought of only in terms of its white citizens. Only then will it truly live up to its full potential and reach the economic force equal or superior to the US when it embraces ALL of its citizens.

Unknown said...

Adrianne - I look forward to seeing the evolution of your new network. An added bonus from your story is that I learned about some European blogs that are written by bloggers of African descent. I have added them to the Top Black Bloggers list that I've been growing over the past couple of weeks. [NOTE: You are currently #48 on that list!]

Martin Lindsey said...

Hey Adrianne and Villager, you're both coming to the Blogging While Brown Conference next year in Atlanta right? See my latest post on it at http://www.martyblogs.com and link thru to check out the planning blog site.

Villager, you're the man. You are needed period. The event is incomplete without your presence. Everybody reads you and now we want to meet you.

Adrienne, I don't think any of the suggested topics included Black Expats or Afro Europeans. You have to come and give your own unique perspective. We've got to learn about what you're learning, seeing and making happen on the other side of the Pond. You're obviously one of the world flatteners and the Eurpeans better wake up to what you can bring.

Later people. Shout back at me here or at mlindsey@martyblogs.com and we'll talk later.

Unknown said...

Martin - There is definitely enough lead time (smile). I haven't made plans to attend at this point ... however, I respect the work that you and Gina are doing ... so I will make every effort to register and attend.

Martin Lindsey said...

Sounds great man. Gina and crew are doing the heavy lifting. I'm just an idea guy contributing thoughts and maybe a little energy to the process I hope. Hey, who would be the contact person with the Black Data Processors Association to ask about a sponsorship from your organization?

Unknown said...

Martin - I'm the executive director for the BDPA Foundation so I imagine that you can make your grant request to me if you like.

Black Women in Europe said...

Martin, I definitely want to attend BWB in ATL next year. I know that early registration ends November 1. I just have to figure out the financial logitics if you know what I mean!