October 6, 2007

Noose Threatens Construction Worker in Pittsburgh

A worker at a construction site in the Pittsburgh area found a noose on the second floor of the site in his work area. The construction company, Zambrano, turned the incident over to the O'Hara Township police and the FBI. This is the third similar incident in the Pittsburgh region this week.

On Wednesday, a Verizon worker said someone left a noose around a doll's neck with a note saying she didn't deserve a promotion. The doll was left on her desk in an inner-office envelope at the Verizon Wireless complex in Cranberry. Verizon is still investigating.

On Monday, a doll bearing a racial slur was found hanging in the hallway of the Port Authority's East Liberty garage. Officials said the threat was not directed at a specific person. Police are investigating, but no arrests have been made.

Villagers, it is more and more evident that the three child 'pranksters' in Jena, LA that hung those nooses on the white tree at the local high school have unleashed a virulent form of racist behavior in our country. Law enforcement officials need to catch some of these fools before the stakes are elevated by an actual lynching attempt. We see more and more incidents ... however, we are not seeing anyone getting arrested for these hate crimes. What's up with that?


Kristi K. said...

Have you seen this? What a different take some folks take on these issues, huh?


To hear the mayor talk, there aren't any problems there at all. Someone needs to wake up and smell the racism.

Villager said...

Kristi - Thanks for the tip!