October 26, 2007

Genarlow Wilson is Free!

Villagers, we asked you earlier this year to tell us why Genarlow Wilson was still in prison. We thought that the Georgia prosecutors were fools for fighting against freedom for Genarlow Wilson.

So we are proud to beat the drums with the news that the young brother is free.

The Supreme Court set him free today. Here is a copy of the court order along with a video showing Genarlow Wilson leaving prison.

To be clear, the brother is no angel. Group sex with a 15-year old isn't something to be proud about. However, a 10-year jail sentence is cruel and unusual punishment. We knew that all along. The Georgia Supreme Court agreed with us today.

What are your thoughts on this case?


Tey said...

he is free and that is good though 10 yrs is really cruel for such young mind

Villager said...

Tey - Thanx for sharing your village voice with us. I wonder why the prosecutors were so hell-bent on maintaining the 10-year sentence for this young man?

Natalie said...

Wonderful. Sure, he did some wrong but the charges against him and the sentence itself were both insane. I'm so glad he is free. Now maybe we can see about expunging his record so he doesn't have to be branded a statutory rapist for life.

Danielle said...

Ten years was a tough sentence. He served 2 years for what he did, which was in essence being sexually active before fully mature.

So many Americans are guilty of the same wrong, including myself.

I agree with Natalie about his record, he could be placed on the child predator list which would broadcast his location to inquiring neighbors with the brand as a child molester.

I don't know all the legalities of the case but was the judge bound by the sentencing laws in the original case that is the only feasible legal reason for wasting 2 years of this man's life, that and the original charge.

We need more of this sort of good news!!!

Much Love


Eddie G. Griffin said...

Praise the Lord. We can take Genarlow Wilson off the endangered list where so many of our young black boys are today. I also posted the story on my site.

Villager said...

Natalie - Yeah, I imagine that his legal team will pursue the 'sex offender' issue. However, I hope that the young brother goes towards completing his education ... perhaps seeing if he can get a scholarship for college and move on with his life. No YouTube videos; no Hip Hop red carpet appearances ... just take care of your life young brother!

Danielle - Yes...he was sentenced to mandatory sentence. The Georgia legislature later changed the statue because it was used against him as a teenager when it was meant to be used against pedophiles ... not oversexed teenagers. A lower court through out the sentence, however Georgia district attorney appealed it to the Supreme court.

Eddie - Amen!

Marenda MAGNETIC said...

Its about time!

Clement said...

Thanks for sharing!Great to learn that he is free:). I hope that he will come back to the community as a reformed fellow.

Clement Nyirenda's blog world

Vanessa said...

It was a blessing to see that young man be released. I also posted about his release on my sites.

Does anyone know how his friends that took the plea deal are doing?

Villager said...

Marenda & Clement - Amen!

Vanessa - I'm not sure about his friends. I'll keep my eyes out for the answer to that query via the family website and elsewhere in the afrosphere.

the teach said...

I hope Genarlo can get on with his life now.

AAPP said...


Great work! I'm so glad you and other Afrospear members worked on this case, Let's not forget about our little sister in WV - Megan Williams, who was raped by those 6 rednecks. I know you won't.

Thanks Villagers


Martin Lindsey. said...

Transmitting Saturday night drum beats from Alabama, Villager. Glad to hear my young neighbor to the east has his freedom. I'm glad we and everyone else made enough noise to shake up a backwards system.

Shaquanda Cotton and Genarlow Wilson in one year! See, we can make a difference. Man I feel good. Extra prayers for GW and his family tonight, in Sunday school and during altar call tomorrow morning.

Villager said...

Teach - I understand that the young man plans to gain admittance to college so that he can get a degree in sociology!

AAPP & Marty - The AfroSpear is doing good work for our peeps. I'm proud to be a part of it.