October 31, 2007

Wear Red on October 31 * Stop Violence Against Women

Villagers recognize that violence against women is sadly, not a new phenomenon in our country or in the world, however, in the last year women of color have experienced brutal forms of violence, torture, rape and injustice which have gone unnoticed, received little to no media coverage, or a limited community response. Electronic Village joins other progressive bloggers that want to stand up to violence against women!

  • Be bold, be brave, be red. Wear red on October 31, 2007.

  • Take Your Red to the Streets! Know of a location where violence occurred against a woman of color? Have a public location where you feel women of color are often ignored? Make violence against women of color visible by decorating the space in red.

  • Rally! Gather your friends, family, and community to rally.

  • Check out the Document the Silence website for the litany we’re asking participants to read together on October 31st.

Would you like to publically announce your support for this effort to denounce violence against women?


Woozie said...

Ha ha, ow wow. This is terrible-funny because I was going to come to school in a pimp suit on Halloween. A red pimp suit perhaps ;)?

Villager said...

Woozie - You warned me about your unique sense of humor in past comments ... so I'm ready for you this time! As you know the underlying issue is decidedly UNfunny. Too many of our women are being mistreated by others ... and often within our own community itself. We can do better...