October 12, 2007

Help Override Bush Veto of SCHIP Legislation

Did you know that Rep. Charles Rangel sponsored the SCHIP legislation? Anyhow, President Bush used a veto on H.R. 976, the recently passed children's health insurance bill. The President objects to the $35 billion increase in the bill and has said that it represents a step towards universal government health care. Others have expressed concern that parents might drop out of private insurance plans and enroll their children in the government program instead.

Bottomline ... more uninsured children will have health insurance if congress overrides the Bush veto. The Senate passed the bill with 67 votes, enough to override the President's veto in that chamber. In the House of Representatives, however, the bill received about two dozen votes less than would be needed to override the veto.

Villagers are encouraged to click here to TAKE ACTION necessary to override Bush. I hope you will take a moment to do so...

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