October 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Darfur

Today we made a commitment to Blog Against Genocide in Darfur. We shared the details on this global tragedy earlier in the year. Today, I encourage all villagers to Join us in this Day of Action for Darfur.

Mail letter to our Frat Boy (props to Field Negro for this nickname) in the White House. You may need to send him the map so that he knows where to find Darfur. I don't think that Frat Boy knows much about world geography beyond Iraq or Iran.

You may need to remind him that Sudan is the largest country in Africa, located just south of Egypt on the eastern edge of the Sahara desert. The country's major economic resource is oil. But, as in other developing countries with oil, this resource is not being developed for the benefit of the Sudanese people, but instead, for an elite few in the government and society.

One aspect of the conflict that we need to understand is the impact China has on the situation. I suspect that the issue of China's support of the Sudanese government will become much more visible as we get closer to the 2008 Olympics being hosted by China.

Villagers, do you think that it is time to consider a boycott of the Olympic games if China doesn't act on their influence over Sudan to stop the genocide?


Danielle said...

Count me in! When we break down the world into the simple, our genetic history is in Africa and we all have an obligation to protect her and her people.

Many people are unaware that it is once again oil that is causing blood to flow. Oil is considered the blood of the earth, as we suck her dry since we are so interconnected we are sucking the life out of humanity.

Where is the empathy? We went into Iraq under the ridiculous banner of freeing the Iraqi people from the horrors of Saddam but do nothing in Burma and Darfur.

We should boycott China completely for Burma, Darfur, Tibet and her own people.

Modern Musings

My contribution will be up soon.


Jennifer said...

Thank you for this. Thank you, thank you. I will plan to contribute soon.

Yobachi said...

Great post. And I still love that Icon at the top. But that’s why I’m scared for Hilary to get into office. She obviously fine with her husbands Rwanda policy as she has already pledge not to do much different in Darfur.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yes, plus we can boycott the Bejing Olympics and tell China how much we hate that they are funding the killing and torture of black Africans:

PAULA NEAL MOONEY: This man holds a knife to this little girl's face...

Shelia said...

Yes I do! Boycotting China is the primary place to start. This human horror has to end and whatever we can do to help, we need to start doing.

Danielle said...

Just finished my contribution.

Again, I thank you for the heads up.

Modern Musings

Villager said...

Danielle - Thank you my sista-from-another-mother! I appreciate all that you do on Modern Musings. You may inspire me to move to my own domain soon!

Jennifer, Yobachi, Shelia, and Paula - Asante sana!

Andrée said...

I no longer think we learn anything from history, except how to ignore it and continue this cruelty. I can't think of one example that could convince me otherwise.

katherine. said...

actually I do not think China would fret too much about the United States boycotting the Olympics. More medals for them...and they would control the media and advertising if we were out.


I think the whole toy recall situation (and lipstick et cetera) was a warning shot across the bow. No one was hurt or made ill by those toys. They were so old they were not in the stores anymore.

Importing sanctions give us much more leverage than boycotting the Olympics...