October 3, 2007

Racism At Work Leads To Jail Time

Villagers, did you see where a bigoted supervisor was sentenced to jail recently in a rare federal prosecution involving civil rights violations in the workplace.

U.S. District Judge Janet Hall sentenced 43-year-old Stephen Judge on Tuesday to six months in prison and ordered him to pay a $3,000 fine. The bigoted supervisor lost his job and his home as a result of his racist actions towards a member of his workplace team. The victim of his intimidation - a slight, black engineer named Allyn Wright, 32 - sat stoically in the first row of the courtroom, revealing none of the pain he poured into a letter to Hall in advance of the sentencing, and no relief or happiness at Judge's fate.

Tuesday's court proceeding was a lesson in zero tolerance of racial discrimination and intimidation.

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I imagine if we had a few more courageous district attorneys and federal judges like this one we would have less nooses being hung around the nation. I wonder if Judge Jane Hall was a Bush appointee?


Shelia said...

I'd be shocked silly if the judge is a Bush appointee, but anything is possible. Here here for the the trial judge! We may have to go to work everyday but we should'nt have to do it at the mercy of some bigoted idiot.

Woozie said...

I imagine if we had a few more courageous district attorneys and federal judges like this one we would have less nooses being hung around the nation.

Not quite Machiavelli ;)

The adults are probably stubborn and lost causes, but their children, especially at young ages, are exposed to alternate views (especially through the Internets) and there's a hope that education, not fear, can help reduce racism in the future.

Rosemarie said...

Judge Hall is seeing that justice is delivered and with a heavy gavel. Kudos! Sending this on to others in the workforce. Thanks for always informing us.

Anonymous said...

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Villager said...

Shelia and Rosemarie - I agree with both of you. I think that this judge demonstrates that the best way to deal with racist behavior is with firm and swift justice ... and a little jail time ain't bad either!

Woozie - We can agree to disagree on this one. I tend to think that the man going to jail for his racist actions in this situation wishes that he could relive those moments of his life. He learned a lesson.

Martin Lindsey. said...

A judge with character and courage. Definitely need more of this type.

Amazing how the Jena 6 march has caused racists from sea to shining sea, north to south to show their stupidity in living color. Nooses from kindergarten to the police precinct! Man, we have no shortage of pshycos around the country.

I have not lost hope though. Individal relationships across the culture line between and during troubling times have always and will continue to make things better over time. It will just be quite some time before we get past these issues if we ever do. God is still in control and there's still hope for better days.

Yobachi said...

Man this is stupid. Threating someone with physical violence on the job, swinging them around, make overt racial insults in threats.

We have to ask, what has turned white people so bold 40 years after we "over came" that they feel so comfortable to keep doing these things? The answer will help direct where we need to ago and what has to be addressed.

Villager said...

Martin & Yobachi - I think that swift and harsh judgement against racist fools that commit hate crimes is a good way to go. I also like the idea of shining lights on these roaches to watch them scurry around without the protection of the night.

Eddie suggests that our eyes are open now (post-Jena) and we are simply seeing what always existed over the past 40 years.

peace, Villager