October 2, 2007

Audio: Mother Of Girl Assaulted & Arrested For Dropping Cake

Alex Jones interviews Latrisha Majors, the mother of Pleajhia Mervin, the high school student who was attacked by school security guard after dropping a piece of birthday cake. The youngster was arrested for battery and littering.

In the radio interview we learn that the police handcuffed the 16-year old to take her from the schoolyard to the police station. She had a broken wrist. How insensitive must you be to place handcuffs on a 16-year old girl with a broken wrist?

Anyhow, Ms. Majors provides a full and complete interview of the situation.

I was surprised to learn that a school assistant principal was caught on tape watching the violence by the security guard. Another oddity is that Ms. Majors called 911 to request police support when the school would not take her to Pleajhia. The police come to the school and end up arresting the parent, child, student that filmed the incident and that student's sister.

Villagers, this is an enlightening audio of radio interview with Latrisha Majors. The beat down by the security guard occured less than a week ago. Protest by parents and community leaders held last Friday in front of the school.

Are we over-reacting to this story? Is there a racial element to the violence by the security guard? Check it out and let us know what you think about this story.


Yobachi said...

I'm glad your on this story Villager. This is really outrages.

It looks like we're going to have to march 40,000 deep in in Californa. This is another example that what's going on in Jena is not nearly just a southern phenomena.

Racial oppression is up (not that it nearly every went away) The hunt is on, and black folks are the prey.

I'm going to get on this story today or tomorrow. We (the afrospher) got Shaquanda Cotton free, put the world on alert about Jena 6, now these bastards in this California school system will be next to feel our wrath.

Villager said...

Yobachi - I am grateful to you for looking into this matter. On it's face this is a travesty of justice. The young student is currently expelled from school ... all over some cake crumbs.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Villager, As you know, I am very protective of our children, and this is just another example of how they are mistreated in school and by the criminal justice system. I'll be watching Yobachi's lead on this case. At the very least, the security guards needs to be reprimanded, suspended, or fired.

Villager said...

Eddie - The security guard is currently on administrative leave. The young girl has been expelled and needs to attend an expulsion hearing to get back in school. Her mother is unsure whether she wants her daughter back in the same school again.

Free said...

Yet another significant incident that I haven't seen in major news outlets.

Villager said...

Free - Yes, it appears that the AfroSpear needs to be vigilant whenever the mainstream media ignores incidents such as this one.