October 23, 2007

Black Blogger Calls Out Civil Rights Leaders re: Obama

I encourage all villagers to take a moment to check out the full post. Here is a sample of what Marty had to say:
Well destiny has presented us with the candidate they fought and marched for in the Jim Crow era and now they all want to use the "electability" excuse. It’s now or never and I for one plan on holding our elders (social and political) accountable for their fear and innaction. Finally, Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King’s dreams can be fulfilled. From marching on the White House to occupying it by election. Right here, right now. Not later. This is the 21st damn century and January 2008 is the time to change the complexion of the seat of power. Alright, O.K. Maybe I need to put it musically the way the P-Funk family phrased it a few years ago…time to Paint the White House Black.

And hey, isn’t it the Civil Rights Generation who always spoke about representing the race, being loyal to the race and creating opportunity for the race? You remember this line from your old man or your old lady when you were a kid, right? "…one day you could be president little Black boy or Black girl…" But now in the 21st century, they want to get stuck on some crazy old slavish thinking instead of taking the millenial opportunity to actually make the most historic advance in American history. Bullshit. I will truly be disappointed in our parents generation if they don’t do their duty and create a new legacy for the country and a final substantive legacy for their generation.

Do I sound pissed? Yep, I am and I’m calling out all of alleged leaders for not actually leading. Some of them may have already committed and I just haven’t heard about it yet. To those I’ll apologize when I learn otherwise. Until then, I’m calling out Maxine Waters, Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton, Kwame Kilpatrick, Andrew Young, everyone in the Congressional Black Caucus, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy - yeah, white powerbrokers included - John Conyers and others too numerous to list. The old guard can finally make the greatest difference in American history and it would literally reverberate throughout the entire world. Forget the transformation of the American phsyche (yes, the United States does need a psychological enema). I’m talking about the whole damn planet.
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Well villagers, we need you to share your village voice on this matter of national importance. On a side note, have any Civil Rights era leaders, Congressional Black Caucus members or white power brokers in your city or state endorsed Obama?


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hmmm...I gotta check out the leaders in my area that are endoring Obama.

(And Wayne, that's cool that "Do you like our vibe? Did you know that you can get a daily email with Electronic Village posts?" line in the "Leave your comment" section -- should get you a lot of subscribers!)

Anyway, I'm glad Barack has said that he's not so presumptuous as to assume every black person is gonna vote for him or support him.

Villager said...

Paula - Thanx for the kind words about the LEAVE YOUR COMMENT enhancement. Any tips that you can share with me are *always* appreciated. I did this as a result of your posts on your blog.

re: Obama ... he shouldn't expect every Black person's vote ... but, I'm sure he expects to get more Black votes than Hilary?!

Woozie said...

Who cares? Nobody should vote for Obama just because he's black, by the same token no one shouldn't vote for him because he is black. yes it's the 21st century and it's amazing that the nation has progressed so much in such a relatively short amount of time to allow a black man to run for president (and have a chance of winning), but we shouldn't vote him in as the token black. If you like what he stands for, fine-vote for him. If you don't like his opinions, don't vote for him. Race should be a non-issue in the minds of every responsible voter.

Villager said...

Woozie - We have come a far way ... however, we are still a nation that has a problem with color. In this case, we have a chance to elect a truly qualified brother to the White House. Is there anyone in the race more qualified in your view?

Woozie said...

Ron Paul's got some crazy stances, though I greatly admire his "read the constitution" policy. A lot better than Mitt Romney talking to his lawyers about going to war, Hillary Clinton voting to call the Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorists, and Obama talking about some really great things but not really doing any of them.

Villager said...

Woozie - Ron Paul is entertaining. However, there is absolutely no way in the world that a republican is going to make it to the White House this election cycle.

Villager said...

All - It appears that the will of the people is going to come through ... regardless of what ol' school civil rights leaders decided to do!