October 18, 2007

Finally ... Punishment for Noose Prankster!

Did you see where a Muncie, IN sanitation worker was suspended 30 days for hanging a noose on his trash truck as he went out into the community? The suspension is the longest suspension handed out to a Muncie sanitary worker. Click here to see the full story.

Some of his co-workers think that the penalty was too harsh. Personally, I think that it is about time that we send messages to these punks and pranksters so that they realize that bringing a noose into the workplace is unacceptable. There is nothing funny about this symbol of death, hatred and racism.

I wish that the guy had been fired. More to the point, I applaud the management in Muncie for taking decisive action to nip this deplorable behavior in the bud.

What do you think of the punishment?


the teach said...

Sheesh, villager, I don't understand why people don't realize the symbolism of the noose, or why they ignore it, or why they would think of using it in any way. A guy here where I live (East coast) had been putting up a Halloween decoration for years: a man tied up with a noose over his head; the body which was made out of cloth of some kind was black. He was interviewed by the press this year and cried that people now were calling out names at him, etc. for having such a decoration when for years people said nothing.

The insensitivity of the guy, the people in the neighborhood, shocks me. He's taken the decoration down and swears he won't put up Christmas decorations. Can you believe this?

the teach said...

Villager, here's the link for the story I just told you about: http://www.nj.com/starledger/stories/

Woozie said...

Good. If he's one of those copycat morons maybe this'll show him not to bring nooses to work.

We used to have a styrofoam head and we'd put the head in a noose and leave it on the ground (one time we hung the rope from a nail in the wall) for halloween, and no one ever complained about it. Black white, brown, etc.

old white guy said...

30 days. Better than I would have expected in Muncie. 30 days is ok if the next one is six months and the next firing.

Got to agree with teach, "I don't understand why people don't realize the symbolism of the noose, or why they ignore it, or why they would think of using it in any way."

I do not understand.

Villager said...

Teach - Your Halloween decorator guy needs to understand that things change. It used to be a'ight for people to wear blackface to entertain others from the stage. That is offensive today. The same can be said of nooses ... however, I'm unsure when it was ever in good taste.

Thanx for the link on that story. I will head over to check it out.

Villager said...

Woozie - I've never seen a noose used in a Halloween scene in the workplace. I like to think that I would protest yesterday and tomorrow.

Villager said...

OWG - Progressive discipline. Yes, you're probably right that this is appropriate way to go. Hopefully, the guy learns that nooses are not jokes.

Yobachi said...

A firing would have been better and more appropriate. But at least a 30 day suspension is a signifigant punishment.

It's funny how white progressives still aren't concerned.

Villager said...

Yobachi - I'm just glad to see swift action against a known perp in these noose cases. We need to see more action like this.


Hotep Villager,
I was upset when I heard about Jena 6, and the noose crap--but one thing that happens with hate crimes...you get the cowardly copycats. I can't even muster the energy to tripp off of those idiots.

This is my question: what about Katt Williams and his ignorant behind showing up at the BET Awards with a noose around his neck, in place of a tie (if it was meant as a sign of rebellion--it was in very poor taste). What about Nas wanting to call his album N***a? What in the world is really going on?
The bigot trash are the least of my concern. It's the thoughtless in our very own village that befuddles my mind.


Villager said...

Invent - No question that we need to exercise more responsibility within our own community. Kat Williams was out of order with the noose tie. He should pay a price ... just as this Muncie sanitation worker did.

Thank you for sharing your village voice with us!