October 4, 2007

Sixth Grade Students Defend Slavery

Villagers, do you remember when a prominent republican downplayed the significance of slavery last month? The slippery slope leads us to Caldwell, NJ where we learn over 100 sixth grade students at Grover Cleveland Middle School have been asked to take part in an assignment where they defend slavery. Students were told that they needed to come up with a "catchy" name for the plantation and list at least three reasons why slave labor is a good idea.

Click here to see video news report on the situation.

One student noted in his paper that "slavery is the way to go". Now we have over 100 young people who can conceive of slavery as a good thing. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

That is a scary thought for our nation. It is sad when we have people ready to joke about lynching in Facebook videos or hang nooses in public places. Lynching and slavery are not joking matters.

When will President Bush speak out against this nonsense? Why are the two teachers at Cleveland Middle School still working as educators responsible for molding the minds of our future?

Villagers, what say u?


enigmatik said...

I'm sure you've caught these issues, but if not check 'em out:


Villager said...

Enigmatik - Thanx for the story tip. I'll post on it and link back to your site as a reference.

Anonymous said...

*SIGH* I wish i had the energy to say all that my heart is screaming. Just Damn.

Villager said...

Ingrid - I agree. We have to give our children a hug and watch them closely. We cannot assume that others ... even the school system ... has their best interests at heart.