October 20, 2007

Black Governor Wants a Black President

Only about ten weeks until voters in Iowa and New Hampshire make a choice on presidential candidates. Barack Obama received good news this week when Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Mass) ... former Clinton aide ... announced that he endorses Obama for the presidency over Hilary Clinton. He wrote,

"As a Democrat, I am proud that the field of Democratic contenders is so strong. Many are friends and colleagues with whom I have worked over the years. But frankly, I believe the importance of this election transcends friendships and party. I believe we need unifying, visionary leadership. I believe we need a President who will level with the American people. I believe we need Barack Obama."

Hopefully, the political machine that Deval Patrick used to get into the governor's office last month can have a positive impact on Obama's chances in New Hampshire primary.

Villagers, have you settled in on a candidate that you will support in the upcoming elections?


old white guy said...

Still watching. Long way to go. Clinton and Obama currently my favorites. If either is elected, there will be an unprecedented effort to destroy their presidency. With Clinton's connections, she may have a better chance of weathering the storm. I don't know. Still watching.

Villager said...

Old White Guy - It would be historic if either Obama or Clinton make it to the presidency. It would be a remarkable day in US history.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Something historic is going to happen in 2008 regardless of who wins the presidency, because no major party has ever nominated a candidate for the presidency who was not a white man.

In 2008, the Democrats are going to nominate a white woman or Black man, and then I suspect the Republicans will follow suit by integrating their ticket for the first time in history, perhaps by nominating a woman V.P. candidate to neutralize the women's vote that might otherwise overwhelmingly favor Hillary Clinton.

So, 2008 is going to be unlike past years.

Although I strongly support Hillary Clinton and I believe she is headed for the nomination, yet I am not displeased at all by this endorsement for Obama, who is an extraordinary man doing an extraordinary job.

Kanute said...

I whole heartedly endorse Obama, even though the road to his nomination is very bumpy. I live out of the Us I know i have a different perspective. From Bush Papa to Bush Son, from Bill to Hillary, it is in every aspect an Oligarchy and this is not what i think democracy is...

Villager said...

Francis & Kanute - Thank you both for sharing your village voices on this topic!

Martin Lindsey. said...

It's about time somebody with pull who recognizes the historic confluence of these times has given Barak the nod. Unfortunately those of the civil rights era who should be grabbing destiny by the horns don't have the balls to do so. That's right, I said it and I'll be posting more on it soon.

Yes, destiny has presented us with the candidate they fought and marched for in the Jim Crow era and now they all want to use the "electability" excuse. It's now or never and I for one plan on holding our elders (social and political) accountable for their fear and innaction.

They are the ones who always spoke about representing the race, being loyal to the race and creating opportunity for the race - "...one day you could be president little Black boy or Black girl..." - but now in the 21st century, they want to get stuck on old slavish thinking instead of taking the millenial opportunity to actually make the most historic advance in American history. Bullshit. And as far as I'm concerned our parents generation is full of it if they don't do their duty and create a true new legacy for the country and a final substantive legacy for their generation.

Do I sound pissed? Yep, I am. I'm calling out all of them. Some of them may have already committed and I haven't heard. To those I'll apologize when I learn otherwise. Until then, I'm calling out Maxine Waters, Tavis Smiley, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kwame Kilpatrick, Andrew Young, everyone in the Congressional Black Caucus, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy - yeah, white powerbrokers included - John Conyers and others too numerous to list and too cowardly to actually make some damn history that will reverberate through the entire world. Forget the transformation of the American phsyche. I'm talking about the whole damn planet.

I'm calling out Joe Reed of Alabama who leads the Black wing of the Democratic party in my state who's body just this week endorsed Hellary - no I didn't spell that Devil spawn's name wrong - over Barak. He purportedly didn't endorse Jesse during his historic run either. Joe has done good work in the past but now he's just a Black turncoat who has screwed with the destiny of our people in a major way for the second time in the last 25 years. What an idiot. What a damn impossible idiot.

Barak is the man Dr. King was looking forward in time to nearly forty years ago. I and Barak are part of that integration generation that he preached and spoke about so many times. How dare his generation disrespect his memory and quiver in their boots when the one person who truly can represent the entire nation for the first time in history falls right in their collective lap.

I'm hotter than a barbecue fire but I'm thru for now. I'll really jack some people up on MartyBLOGs in the next day or so and it's gonna be at least as rough as this comment. Villager, holler at me and tell me what you think. Let's hear from the rest of the family as well. I'm really interested in your White American and international readers views on my perspective.

Villager said...

Martin - Tell it loud brother! For what it's worth, Jesse Jackson did endorse Barack Obama a few months ago. I was disappointed in John Lewis endorsement of Hilary Clinton. Anyhow, I look forward to reading your posts on the subject!

Danielle said...

Patrick is not so hot according to the fam in Boston, I cannot recall why, though.

I am going with Kucinich, as if you didn't know.

Villager said...

Danielle - Yes, hopefully the Kucinich campaign HQ is aware of your support ... you give him more credibility in the blogosphere than any other source I know!

Vanessa said...

I'm supporting Barack Obama.

The media and far too many black folk support Hillary because of Bill. I wouldn't be totally disappointed if she is the Democratic nominee for president but I think Barack Oama would be better for this country.

Villager said...

Vanessa - Thank you for sharing your village voice on this post. I agree with you that Hilary would be an acceptable second choice. I gained much respect for Barack Obama after reading his first book. It tells his story prior to getting married and serving as Senator of Illinois. His personal history makes him uniquely qualified to serve as our president (IMO).