September 6, 2008

LaVena Johnson's Parents Interviewed on Jim Bohannon Show

Drumbeats from Philip Barron inform us that the parents of PFC LaVena Johnson, John and Linda Johnson, are scheduled to be interviewed on The Jim Bohannon Show on Monday night, September 8, during the 11 pm hour.

Also scheduled, during the second half of the hour, is Coz Carson of US Talk Network, who interviewed John and Linda in August. Carson will speak about media coverage on LaVena’s story, particularly the role of alternative media outlets.

You can find an affiliate near you that carries The Jim Bohannon Show by using the Bohannon site’s station finder. Alternatively, the program is available as a podcast; the URL and instructions are also posted at the website.


Don said...

Aw man, I definitely can't watch to check this out. I hope I don't forget...I need to leave myself a note on my phone. The tragic story of Lavena Johnson is one that I want to hear about.

Villager said...

Don - I encourage you and other villagers to sign the petition if you haven't already done so...