September 4, 2008

New AfroSpear Member: Raving Black Lunatic

Please join me in welcoming Allen Powell (aka 'Big Man') as the newest member of The AfroSpear. His blog is Raving Black Lunatic (BBR #151).

We asked Allen how he viewed The AfroSpear, he wrote, "I believe The AfroSpear's goal is bring attention to Black issues and inspire Black people to take action in their lives. I also think it's goal is to provide an alternative to the mainstream media which does not adequately cover Black issues."

In answering question about how his blog will help The AfroSpear, Allen wrote, "I provide a coherent and consistent take on today's political and culturally issues. I attempt to get my readers to think about their actions and to participate in positive change in their communities. I think that as a mainstream media member I provide an insider's take on what's going on in that world. I understand that my blog has not yet cross the time threshold, but I would like to put my application in now."

I invite all villagers to take a moment to share some love with this new AfroSpear member. He lives in New Orleans so it is important to visit his blog and wish him well during recovery from Hurrican Gustav.

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Kevin Andre Elliott said...

Welcome to the Spear Raving Black Lunatic!