September 23, 2008

This Week in Blackness: AP-Yahoo Says 'Race' Will Matter in This Election

The Brooklyn Comedy Company created their 6th installment of the series 'This Week in Blackness'. With a poll coming from the Associated Press and Yahoo, it seems that in the upcoming presidential'Race' will matter. Shocking! I know.

I shared my opinion of the AP-Yahoo poll a few days ago. In fact, I provided a link to the full 30-page polling document itself. Of course, my post on the topic wasn't as funny as the one shown above!


RiPPa said...

They could have taken the money spent on that poll and donated it to an HBCU. It would have done more good that way. But then again, they strategically released this "new found info" in the wake of McCain having a shitty week in the polls last week.

Villager said...

RiPPa - Point well taken. There are very few accidents in this election cycle on timing. Have you seen the This Week in Blackness series before?