March 26, 2009

'All He Has To Do' - Faylita Hicks, Spoken Word Artist

The issue of domestic violence has been in the news over the past few weeks. Faylita explores the many emotions and decesions a woman makes while in such a terrible relationship. The outcome of the poem is simply one of many possible real outcomes in our world.

Faylita Hicks is my young twenty-something year old cousin whose voice and poetry have been making waves in the Austin and San Marcos community for years now. She attributes her growth as a writer and performer to the diverse community of open mic venues, her family and friends, and of course, other poets.

What did you think about her spoken word on domestic violence?


Vérité Parlant said...

Good voice, good writing, really talented. I can see why her poetry's making waves. I'm surprised she's not known beyond Texas.

Villager said...

Verite Parlant - Time, patience and persistence should open up opportunities for her. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts...