March 16, 2009

New AfroSpear Member: The Loop

We are proud to introduce you to the newest member of the AfroSpear ... Crystal Smith. Crystal is a member of a blogging team that created The Loop (BBR #1020) on August 25, 2008.

Crystal wrote, "The Loop is a daily news analysis site written from a Black or minority perspective. We cover economics, politics, social and cultural issues and race.

We also have a citizen journalism component called Speak Out in which people can post their opinions and comments about the issues and news in our world today.

We think the goal of The AfroSpear is to engage people around topics that are important to us all - Black progress, race, politics and our history. The group would serve as a platform as well as an information source for news. The Loop would contribute by engaging in conversation and updating everyone on the issues we are writing and talking about. We have special reports in which we write a series of content on a particular issue impacting the Black community. We are all about Black opinion and conversation."
I encourage villagers to take a moment to truly explore The Loop. It has more content than most blogs you will find in the afrosphere. I look forward to future collaboration with Crystal and her partners over at The Loop.

Welcome to the AfroSpear young sista!

2 comments: said...

Congratulations, Crystal!

Welcome to The Afrospear! Stop by my place and drop some links!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Monica Roberts said...

Welcome to the Afrospear family Crystal.