March 25, 2009

Urban League Issues 'The State of Black America 2009: Message to the President'

Did you see where the National Urban League issued it's annual State of Black America for 2009? The report seeks to address the issues central to Black America in 2009 by examining Black progress in education, homeownership, entrepreneurship, health and other areas. [SOURCE]

Ordinarily the report is simply issued to the public-at-large. This year the report is specifically addressed to President Obama.

We welcome the new vision the Obama administration brings to Washington and to America. But this vision can only become a reality if we make it so. The State of Black America 2009: Message to the President, is an essential part of the National Urban League’s effort to bring about this vision by working with the new Administration to tackle the nation’s deepening domestic challenges. I hope that it encourages and inspires each of you to join us in working to help President Obama fulfill the promise he made to us last summer “to build a nation worthy of our children’s future.” - Marc H. Morial, National Urban League President & CEO
The 11-page executive summary lays out the basic elements of the full report. The Urban League issues their message to President Obama about race. Of course, President Obama gave an honest answer when asked about race at his press conference the other day. Check it out:

Villagers, I agree with Obama. He needs to focus on fixing the economy for all Americans ... not just African Americans. Our community needs to take some responsibility for dealing with the recommendations laid out in this year's Urban League report.

The 31 specific recommendations in the report appear to be dealt with fairly well in Obama's stimulus plan and budget priorities. Some of the Urban League recommendations included:
  • Ensure that the stimulus package’s green job creation includes poor urban communities.

  • Increase funding for job training and placement for disadvantaged workers.

  • Guarantee full-day schooling for all 3 and 4 year olds.

  • Expand the school day to account for working parents and families without nearby relatives to help with after-school care.

  • Fund mortgage counseling and education programs for African Americans.

  • Implement universal health care and a “comprehensive” system to provide Blacks with health education, prevention and intervention.

I appreciate the work that the Urban League puts into this report each year. I figure that they added the 'Message to the President' in the title of the report so that it would increase sales. In reality, the message needs to be given to each of us. It is time for us to get busy!

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