March 11, 2009

New AfroSpear Member: Noir Woman News

Villagers, I am very excited to introduce you to Dee Daniels. She is a new member of the AfroSpear who comes to us with a remarkable multi-media empire! The mission of her media empire is to inform, inspire and to celebrate the achievements of African American women.

Her first blog post was in April 2008 when she was experimenting on a Blogspot platform. However, she left that blog to begin anew in September 2008 on Wordpress platform with Noirwomannews's Weblog.

In addition to her blog, Sis. Daniels is active on the web, Facebook, Twitter and who knows where else!

Dee indicated that she wanted to join the AfroSpear in order "to increase awareness of Black issues and to maintain an active presence in providing information on issues that concern this group online."
I imagine that Dee Daniels is most proud of her magazine, Noir Woman News, a professional African American Woman's publication distributed monthly in the Chicago SunTimes. The magazine gives practical everyday tools and techniques to keep us informed of everything under the sun, that relates to health, family and career.

I encourage all villagers to use the COMMENTS option below to share welcoming remarks with Dee Daniels and visit her blog as well!

4 comments: said...

Hey Villager!

Thanks for this announcement!

How exciting to see Dee in The Afrospear!!


@ Dee

Congratulations to you! {hugs}

Please feel welcome to drop by my place and leave links to your posts in my comment section so that all of the guests at my blog can stop by your place!

Peace, blessings and godliness,

Villager said...

Lisa - I'm happy to share these brief profiles of new AfroSpear members. It's fun and it gives me a chance to visit their blogs and such...

Stephen Bess said...

Sounds like a great publication. Welcome and all the best.

RiPPa said...

Well alright!

Its always a bright spot to see sisters doing it big.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!