March 19, 2009

Six Years of War in Iraq

Six years to the day have passed since President Bush launched the invasion of Iraq.

4,260 U.S. servicemen and women and hundreds more from coalition countries have been killed in Iraq since the war began. Tens of thousands have been physically and mentally wounded. In fact, suicides among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans "may exceed the combat death toll because of inadequate mental health care."

According to Iraq Body Count, nearly 100,000 (maybe more) Iraqi civilians have lost their lives because of the war. Nearly 5 million Iraqis have either been internally displaced or left the country.

The Iraq War can't end soon enough for me. Do you have any thoughts as the 6th anniversary of this war comes and goes?


Anonymous said...

My feelings are not just about the war but the military as a whole and the lack of attention it gets in the black blogosphere. That's my opinion.

You mentioned the deaths and the inadequate health (including metal health) of our troops.

The military just reported the number of reported rapes are up. There are a lot of sisters who are violated in the military.

The number of homeless veterans continues to increase. Roy Foster, a brother who was a former drug addict and homeless veteran created Stand Down House.

For deployed soldiers its the little things that no one thinks about.
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When Sen. Webb created his GI Bill legislation I thought of all the brothers and sisters who could use that the way white soldiers were allowed to educate themselves and change the course of their families' lives when they came back from WWII.

I am a debt-free college graduate thanks to the GI Bill.

Thanks for this post Villager.

Villager said...

Symphony - I am not a veteran. My brother served in the NAVY JAG after getting his law degree. The Navy paid for his law school education. I do hope that I am able to blog on more issues related to veterans of African descent. Thank you for sharing the links and other resources in this subject area...