March 31, 2009

Farewell NPR News and Notes

Top (L-R): Geoffrey Gardner, Drew Tewksbury, Joanne Griffith, Allison Samuels, and Zachary Slobig
Middle (L-R): Sonata Lee-Narcisse, Sasa Woodruff, Sherene Strausberg, [former staffer] Kenya Young, Tony Cox, Roy Hurst and Geoffrey Bennett
Seated (L-R): Christabel Nsiah-Buadi, Nicole Childers and Devin Robins

I was blessed to be a guest on this show a number of times over the past year. I thought that the host, Farai Chideya, was a woman of great character and intellect. NPR made a mistake when they cancelled the show.

I appeared on the Blogger's Roundtable on the following dates: January 14, 2009, August 20, 2008, June 18, 2008, April 9, 2008 and November 14, 2007.


DNLee said...

I'm sorry to see it go...It's been nixed in my local market for a couple of weeks now. Tell Me More is on in its slot. It's a diverse show, so I appreciate that.

Villager said...

I will miss their voice and the diversity of opinion that they brought to NPR. We need to own our own networks so that shows like NPR News & Notes could continue to grow and earn sponsorship/ad revenue...